Investment strategies and how to Trade. Newbie to Pro step one

If you are new to investing and you want to start small you have to have a few basics. First you will need a computer, an online broker and some money you can afford to lose. You can start slow without a lot of money, in fact that is the best option if this is your first time. If you want a ton of profits you will need to start with a lot of capital, but if you are willing to learn and can look at it as more of an investment opportunity you will make better decisions and be less likely to lose money. At the end of the day you need to gain capital (make a profit) and not lose much cash in the process.

Here are a few common terms you will be better off remembering now to avoid any confusion later:

Capitol: this is money you are using for investing
Gain: think of this as profits or money made
Call: a stock purchase
Put: a stock sale
Portfolio: this is the selection of shares you own

Those five terms should get you started, we can learn more later. Now you have to decide what stock to invest in, this is where you can earn or lose and it is extremely important to do your research. You should start by watching financial television for a few weeks and really pay attention to the markets, what’s going on in the world and how people and businesses react to changes. You also need to be very careful at selecting companies that are financially stable and not sitting on a lot of debt. The internet will be your best friend, read up on what reputable investors are saying and cross check all information at least four or five times if you are going to commit to buy.

To keep everything organized and keep track of where all your money is

You will need to decide on a stock broker to use, it can be an online service or a live agent. You need to assess the background of the broker you use (online or live) and be positive you are aware of all fees paid and how and when you have to pay. You also need to know all state and federal taxes you will owe on your gains. Depending on your financial & mathematical ability, you may be able to create a price formula for individual trades and for different buying options so that you know exactly what you need to achieve to make gains and how much they will be.

This is a good option to keep you on top of the stock market

Next we look at some simple ideas when figuring out how much to invest, or at least which goal you want to achieve in the future. I made a simple chart showing what your capitol (the amount you are going to use to invest) amount needs to be at various percentage gains from 1-10% to gain $10,000 per year (so assume this chart would be a locked rate at the locked capitol amount for 12 months) you can scale it up or down to meet your needs as well as use it for much shorter time frames to meet your needs. You basically want to decide what percentage gain you want to earn on your capitol, the capitol needed shows you the amount you will gain at that percentage and capitol amount. The best thing to know is that a lower percentage yield is easier to achieve and usually has less risk involved. When you get up to 6% or more you are likely to be in a higher risk situation and it is not advised for a newcomer. A good percentage to stick with would be around 2-3%. At those rates of return you are likely to see some capital gain to help you enjoy investing initially.

For $10,000 yearly gain investing you need to hold the percentage growth below along with the capitol amount for 12 months.

chart big

As a first time investor you should stay away from a million dollar trade account. The fact is though, if you work your way up to a million dollar portfolio you will probably be earning around 6-7% averages, even more if you are meant for this. So a million dollar portfolio could easily gain you $70,000 or more each year. The possibilities are endless. Pair this with a job, career or starting your own business and you are well on your way to weekly retirement vacations, paid college tuitions and homes on the shore. You truly can achieve success based solely on how well you view and move on the stock market.

Please, do not ever enter financial information online without secure internet

This is an intro to the stock market and investing, for more information or to be a part of the slatetrends community leave comments, email us to the right of these posts and check out all of the social media accounts to see what we have going on every day.


kak·or·rhaph·io·pho·bia kak-ə-ˌraf-ē-ə-ˈfō-bē-ə\

In modern times many people have an immense amount of pressure placed on them by others and even their self to get ahead, so much so in many cases that it blurs your vision allowing you to either make mistakes or even worse, break moral or legal codes in order to do so. That can be a very bad scenario, but if channeled properly can lead to absolute success if used in a way that makes certain to fill only obligations which are in good moral standing and are not over the line of the laws of your country.

Are you interested in buying some relaxing products to help with daily anxiety?

For example you buy stock in a company, you then see a news story stating it is going bankrupt, you immediately sell all of your shares to avoid a total loss. That is within legal and moral action. On the other hand you buy stock in a company when you know from a conversation with their CEO that they are about to buy a large company and also that he plans on filing for bankruptcy; after the merger for his own personal reasons (whatever they may be). You then decide to sell after the merger once the stock price has risen again and before this CEO alerts you of his bankruptcy filings. This is one scenario which totally breaks both legal and moral good standing and could get you into a heap of capital in the short term and without a dime and quite possibly in federal prison shortly after your scheme has dissolved.

MICEX_Index_graphguy down graph

Now we could get into the different types of people in the category above with definitions of their habits and all of those interesting aspects of them, but for the purpose of this article we are specifically describing the characteristics of kakorrhaphiophobia. If you would like me to elaborate further on the above types of personalities and character traits send me an e-mail in the form on the right side of my page, leave me a comment or alert me by means of social media by clicking the button for your preferred social account at the top or bottom of this page.

You may benefit from some easy ways to unwind after a long day on the job.

Now there are also other people on the complete other side of the spectrum and some (not all) of them will fall into a group with “kakorrhaphiophobia” simply put it is the fear of failure. Now this can be absolutely catastrophic to a person’s life in part or as a whole. Imagine this, you have just left the bank to pick up some of your paycheck, you know all of your bills are paid you have a good running vehicle, groceries in the kitchen at home, clothes in the closet and you have already paid for a vacation in a month.

Interestingly you see something unusual and rare on the side of the road, but only after you accidentally take a wrong turn. You see a newly painted car with a for sale sign and a phone number sitting in the parking lot of a good looking jewelry store. So you pull over and call the number and its disconnected. You go inside and talk to the girl behind the counter and she grabs the owner for you. Now you already checked over the car and you know it would probably fly if the price was around $10,ooo and the number had been correct. The owner comes to the front and tells you he is frustrated, it has just been sitting with no interest and he’d take $4000 to get it out of his hair. You decide to let it pass you buy even though you have $8000 sitting by the wayside and everything else in your life is already covered. Now tell me, are you kakorrhaphiophobic?

flip girl big


I would have to say you aren’t, you are just avoiding what you see as potential risk to what you have already built up in your life. Sooo, how do we describe the character trait better? Lets try another type of person in another scenario. Now, you are at a job where you have been for four years and have moved to a better position within the company. You get a sudden offer from your boss to take over a position temporarily as the office manager, something you have wanted to do for a long time. You would oversee four hundred employees and the sky’s the limit. You have until tomorrow to decide, the next day rolls around and you turn down the job. Why, you have kakorrhaphiophobia.

Now you should have a better understanding of exactly what it means to have kakorrhaphiophobia. If you have any reason to believe you may have all or just some hints of this or a similar phobia you can contact slatetrends with any questions or discussion and we will cover them on this website along with our other resources around the web.

Nick the rich Burmese cat

A long, long time ago a cat named Nick from Southeast Asia was living in the woods. He was impoverished. Nick didn’t have any family, he only had a cellular phone and a hunting hat. Nick found a poster laying next to a boulder, it read “Go to”. Nick read an article called “The first timers guide to setting up a productive home office”. Suddenly a golden Maserati filled with a family of bunnies found Nick. The father, Mr. Bun Bun told him that since he was the only animal who had read “The first timers guide to setting up a productive home office” on, his reward was one hundred million dollars. That is how Nick the Burmese cat became rich. The moral of this story is: Being the only one who cares about something can make you the most  important.

The best buy walkie talkie set on the market at the best price – Seriously

Motorola MS350R 35-Mile Talkabout Waterproof 2-Way Radios

This is the best set of walkie talkies you can buy for the money. Let’s talk about why. There are many points to hit on that I have tested myself and they are as follows:


These are truly waterproof at surface pressures, meaning that if you drop it in a lake, stream or the like it will not get water inside of it. It has gasket material around the battery compartment and the battery “door” or access locks closed with a coin, multi tool or anything like that. When I first got this set I tried them out immediately holding them underwater in a sink while they were on and left them there for a while with no issues. I later threw them out of a boat in a lake and let them float to shore also with them on and have had no water issues yet. These have been in a lake, sinks and rain storms, both turned on and off.

They Float: 

Yeah, I mean it, they are meant to float if dropped into the drink and they actually do. As I said above they floated to the shore on a lake, how great! You don’t even really think about it until you try it. Remember the end of Jurassic World when they have the satellite phone? It’s waterproof with world range, great durability, good battery life but it doesn’t float. If it had then the Lost World survivors wouldn’t have had such a hard time with that Indominus Rex. They all nearly died and if that satellite phone had just floated it could have all been minimized and they could have escaped much faster. You never know what trouble you will get into.

Impact Resistant:

This is a key point for any device. Weather we are camping, boating, road tripping or just playing walkie talkie with the kids, you know things get beat up. What is the point of great radios if they don’t work after a fall? These ones will continue to work after a fall, drop, spill or bump. I would not throw this out of a tree or into the road, but drop it, sure. I’ve dropped these out of cars, off of a ladder and multiple times from about 3 feet. On a side note here is a phenomenally durable and unbeatable deal, not to be overlooked.

Long Range:

This is a great feature for road trips and shore to vessel use. You can hear for miles with some average obstructions like homes, trees, cars, water. We have gone 5 miles in hills and valleys with clear voice communications. Remember they are called 35 mile range, which they are on flat surfaces with no wind, no trees, no wires, no buildings, no anything. Most radio companies show a much higher range than most anyone will ever get. They list the best possible range ever on their products. These are great radios with great range.

NOAA Weather Radio:

Here is a huge plus for remote locations, road trips or people who have to be prepared for everything. The best way to know of impending tornado, hail, lightning and other inclement weather is the NOAA weather service. These <arel=”nofollow” href=”” target=”_blank”>Motorola MS350R Waterproof two way radios allow you to listen to NOAA radio constantly or they can be set to broadcast only when there is a weather situation imminent in your region. This feature is great because you can be talking to your group a mile away and then the radio will cut in if some bad weather is headed your way and you can easily switch right back to communication mode with the touch of a button to figure out what you should to do about the coming weather.

Multiple Channels:

There are tons of channels to use with this set, it would be extremely hard to get into a situation where you coould not talk on a free channel. Here’s a quick tech spec: 22 channel and 8 repeater channels with 121 privacy codes which allows 2662 combinations to give you great conversation privacy.


These are rechargeable on the base that is includes and they hold a charge for a couple of days. I have had them on for over two days of use, they will last less if being used a lot (as with any electronics). With regular communication throughout the day and leaving these on the whole time I would say a good solid 24 hour period is guaranteed. Another great feature is that you can use regular AA batteries in these if you do not have the electricity to charge the radio. This is great in emergencies, power outages remote locations and third world areas.


There is a touch button flashlight on each radio giving you a real help for those situations on the road or outdoors.

This set comes with a wall plug, charger base that holds both units and 2 easy to release belt/strap clips. For less than $100 anywhere you can have the best and only set of walkie talkies you will ever need. If you are still not convinced check out some of the competition below:

Two stocks you should grab a part of on – This is not stock news, it is investing in it’s simplest form

These days everyone needs and wants to make money, but what are we supposed to do with the money we already have? Well we spend it on tons of cool stuff like sunglasses, game systems and gold phones first, but don’t you like to keep some money “on the side” to use later on? I mean there is nothing better than turning your money into more by just making a few knowledgeable decisions. One way I have found to do just that is a website called Maybe you have stayed away from the stock market in the past because it is (and it really is) confusing, overwhelming and can be a burden if not approached correctly. This is where Loyal3 stepped into the game. They give you access to the stock market with no fees and you don’t even have to buy a whole stock. You can literally say “I have an extra $40 and I don’t want to spend it at the mall, I want to turn it into more money, my way where I’m in full control” and that can actually happen.

So now for the two I recommend, why and what you should do with them to prosper. To start, here is the easy one: Walt Disney, stock ticker DIS. Walt Disney has continued to grow its company through entertainment, merchandise and Theme parks continuously since it was founded on October 16, 1923. They don’t show any signs that they ever want to slow down, and I hate to say it but for Disney targeting children is a great way to get adults money into their company bank accounts. What you want to do with Walt Disney is pick out as much money as you can afford to let sit by the wayside and transfer it as a one-time buy to Walt Disney stock through loyal 3. Then just check up on DIS from time to time and pay attention to them in the news, your money will grow and if something ever happens to them simply go on loyal 3 and sell it all. I don’t see this happening anytime soon and by the time it did you would already have yourself a profit gained, so for all of those reasons, go DIS.

Second is one you may already know of as well, they are always in the news: Tesla Motors Inc., stock ticker TSLA. Tesla is a manufacturer of performance electric vehicles and battery technology that is all available to the consumer in many forms. The CEO of Tesla is a very ambitious man with the bank account to back it up. If you have ever thought about getting an ev car or electric truck, then you are probably already familiar with the brand in some depth. The plan for this stock is quite different from the one you should follow with Disney. With Tesla you are going to buy what you can afford with plans to sell shortly after the partial unveiling of the Tesla Model S at the end of March. With $1000 down payments for the Model S beginning March 31 in Tesla stores and online April 1, my bet for this stock is to buy what you can afford now and hold until you get uncomfortable, if ever. I presume this is a true winner and will be highly profitable if you get in and start owning Tesla now. As far as I can see this is a good one to get rid of before 2017 and chalk it up as a win. You can stay in much longer if you like, I am just trying to make you some money and I can’t see far into the future. This may be a great opportunity for a first time investor to make a little money and gain confidence to delve deeper into the stock market later on.

So to sum it all up, If you want to truly “invest” grab some Walt Disney stock (DIS) and hold on to it until you are older or pass it along to generations down the line. If you want to make some money more quickly buy some Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) stock and get rid of all or most of it before 2017. You can do any of this very easily using You can buy as little as $10 worth of any stock they offer to get your feet wet in investing and there are no fees. So do some math, figure out what you are willing to put aside and get into the excitement of investing in the stock market and profiting from your decisions. Last but most important, please do not use any amount of money that you can’t afford to lose. Just like in life, in the stock market there are no guarantees. #happyfuture


The first timers guide to setting up a productive home office

If you want to start a business or already have, or if you are lucky enough to have an employer who is willing to let you do your job from home, but you don’t know exactly how to make it happen then stay with me for a few moments, this guide should help.

If you want to make the most of your home office and you have to spend a lot of time there to do it, then I would definitely suggest making it comfortable and relaxing with no distractions. There are many steps you can take to get the job done. Of course there are different options for everyone based on your various budgets and needs, but this will be a good guideline on how to get settled in.

The first step is to decide if you have everything you need or if you need to buy some additional or upgraded supplies. These could be anything from a new chair to save your back and help you sleep (in bed after the work is done), to grabbing a stack of copy paper at staples or wherever you prefer. Here is a basic list of the absolute necessities of a home office in 2016:

This is essential if you plan on really getting down to the grind stone and producing. If your chair does not have a good ergonomic fit, you will not have a very good day at work, whether you’re in your pajamas or not. Some do not realize that a bad mood, bad attitude, uncomfortable back and the feeling of nerves in the wrists, hips or legs can all be factors of a bad seat or a bad mattress (for another article). If you already have a computer and a kitchen table and the budget is next to none to get started, I would highly recommend a desk chair to get the job done.

You may be able to do what you do on a tablet alone, however most of us are going to need either a desktop or a laptop. I know there are also the Microsoft Surfaces of the world and all of those are excellent, just think about how much you may really need a mouse which you could add to the kit if you wanted to go with a Surface or other keyboard enabled tablet. A desktop is a great option for the home office; in fact most people have a home pc of some sort as well as either a laptop or a tablet. I personally use every option except a desktop computer at this point in time. I did have one, two and even more desktops running at once in the past as performance machines, grunt workers, servers and the like, but with technology at the point it is at now and where it is going in the near future I am not sure I will ever need a desktop again. A server on the other hand, I may need my own at some point, but that is a decision that would be more about personal security concerns and quality control. There are many very high quality web servers available to you that are safe and reliable with very reasonable cost.

This is easy; first off I do not recommend a printer stand-alone. I would get an all in one print/copy/scan which will usually also handle fax if you need it. These can be had day in and day out very inexpensively if you need one to start working, and you can always pay for more features options and accessories to tailor it to your business needs or upgrade to a better one down the road. Many people need to fax for their business on some occasions and these three in ones are almost always up to that task as well, however if you will be faxing on a daily basis, I would go ahead and get a stand-alone fax machine and probably also a second home land line to have a consistent “faxability”.

Here you really need to decide, do I use a card table, an old piece of furniture or an actual desk to handle the day to day? You can definitely get away with a good wood table or a desk; it really is up to you. For the purpose of this I will say a desk is great if it is big enough for all the things you usually use to “get your job done”. You know the cameras, paperwork, models, calendar, tablets, calculator, stapler and magnifying glass, what have you. For my purposes I always end up with a large table at a good height for me to sit for hours without having to run around the yard to stretch back into human form. If you are handy with power tools or know someone who is and will help you for some beer and pizza or wine and a movie than a great option is to custom design a desk that suits all of your needs. You can optimize your performance and space by going this route. Of course if you want to feel like an executive from the start and you have the finance to get it done (and no, I do not mean finance it if you can’t buy it outright, but that is a totally different topic), then you could always go a more “Oval Office” approach and set up every piece of furniture and décor you could possibly need to handle a video chat meeting alone or even ten world leaders right in front of you in your home office. If you just want to stick with the basics but still want to feel powerful, go ahead and order a red “emergency phone” to sit near you and handle all of those major life shifting crises on the spot.

Now we get into what I will call the true basics and it consists of a few things that you need to have or do. These will make or break your at home work station or office I can assure you and they are as follows

We kind of hinted at this above, but it is absolutely essential. This is probably about the easiest part for everyone; you can use a cell phone, a corded home phone or even a cordless phone, add a headset attachment for any of those options if you do a lot of moving and shaking throughout your day (either literally or meetings and deals, even customer service).

Keep in mind that although you have a phone corded or cordless rechargeable plugged into the wall, with many providers these days that does not necessarily mean that you have a land line. You know the kind of phone that will be able to call out and get calls even when the power is out at your house. It is a very good idea to have an actual powered through the pole landline at your house to make important calls in bad situations but more importantly so that you can get help in the event of an emergency. There are not a lot of options to get a “landline” but it can be had.

This is a no-brainer right? You are reading this via your internet connection right now. But wait, maybe you are not; maybe you are reading this at one of the thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots, your friend’s house or even using the data on your cell phone or tablet plan. How ever you are reading this, while it is “possible” to run a business of free Wi-Fi or at the library, it is absolutely not going to be easy or highly productive. Now I know it is still better than not doing it at all, and 50 years ago everyone did it the hard way, but to have yourself a home office in 2016 means having your own internet service connected for you to use twenty four hours a day seven days a week to take care of any and all business related matters.

I am willing to bet that many of you may just plug into the wall from time to time (I know that I do). This is probably not a good idea in a home office setting or even using your devices at a local hotspot for free web. You can bring a surge protector anywhere, I even had one that plugged in the middle of the two parts of my laptop plug a few years back that was small, light, protected from surges and even protected telephone lines and acted as a splitter. It was also very inexpensive and gave me peace of mind that I would not lose my laptop to a power influx. In a home office every single wall plug piece of electrical equipment that you are using should be surge protected (unless otherwise stated on the equipment from the manufacturer). Most surge protectors will pay an “insurance” type payment to you if your equipment fry’s while plugged into their device (given you register it, of course). I’d say it’s a good bet to spend a little on one, there are even fancy flex options and many more features can be had if you look around a bit.

Now I have two more items that you probably have with you right now, but maybe you don’t at exactly the right moment when everything is happening at once and you have to remember it all “or else”. But what two items are they? Well…

Two items are as one in the home office, absolutely essential to “taking care of business”. Unless of course you have a highly accessible quick reference photographic memory, in which case, bravo and applause because you truly do have a gift. Now for the rest of us poor humans just trying to spin the lucky wheel of life until we finally make it by the tips of our fingers make sure you have pen and paper or at the very least a pen or a sharpie to write down all the important data on your arm (you got to do what you got to do). When you are on the phone talking with reps about the quantity of oranges to purchase and looking at customer data for the last month and you have to come up with a quick calculation or the load will be sold to your competition the power of that pen and paper will truly show.

Hopefully this guide has given you the knowledge and confidence to take on the shift from that tough time wasting commute  to walking to the coffee pot and then to your office (maybe even in your underwear or Forever Lazy, just don’t let that name impact your work). There are ways to get by on a bare minimum office setup that can be as simple as sitting down in the living room with your laptop a phone and pen and paper (I have done it) or you can take it as far as an executive office suite, you can even convert your attic or basement into a fully functional “war room” office setup if that’s what you want or need. The possibilities are endless and the home office is forever expandable so if for now you have to sit at a local Wi-Fi hotspot with your smartphone and get it done with the bare minimum, then definitely do that because the whole point of this is to work at your pace on your time and advance it as far as you want to in your own way. The home or mobile office is a dream for some, that dream is achievable though to anyone who is willing to give it a go. I can assure you that if this is the path you want to take then you will succeed. Be confident, never give up and do what you have to do to get ahead.

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dear daughter, do this EVERYDAY!


Daughter think. “Do I want my Kindle?”

If no, don’t do anything.

If yes,

  • Is Rico the cat taken care of?
  • Do I have drinks upstairs?
  • Did I show my parent ALL paperwork from my book bag?
  • Did I have a whole cup of drink recently?


-Love Dad

Parents… P.S. Try out this tool to get your kids on track

The Best buy tablet pc on the market NOW

So here we are with the selection for the absolute best tablet or laptop or if you prefer laptop tablet pc

(which is what it actually is).

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 

ms surface pro 4

This laptop tablet combo will get done everything you can imagine. It comes to start with a powerful Intel chip inside which allows it to speed through web browsing, online shopping and word processing.

Out of the box it includes:

Windows 10 Pro with Microsoft Office 365 30-day trial

A 12.3″ / 2736 x 1824 resolution Screen

A Full-size USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, micro-SD card reader, Cover port (to add a keyboard) A Headset jack

and even a Surface Connect port allowing docking to use with monitors, projectors and even TV

To top it all off it comes from Microsoft WITH a Surface pen to make writing, note taking and drawing a breeze.

You can easily convert this everyday tablet into an everyday laptop by adding the Surface Cover which acts much more like a lightweight cover and still has the keyboard to make computing easy.

And if you really need that total computer and tablet experience, you could

check out the Microsoft Surface Book which is truly next level “it’s a computer and it’s a tablet ” technology.

I am in the market and will most likely go the Microsoft Surface Book route when I make my decision.

I like to get the computer that packs the most power for very heavy tasks like operating a website, heavy graphics and streaming video as well as graphic design needs.

If you need any more information simply comment below, check out our facebook page or any of our other social media communities at the top and bottom of this page