The best buy walkie talkie set on the market at the best price – Seriously

Motorola MS350R 35-Mile Talkabout Waterproof 2-Way Radios

This is the best set of walkie talkies you can buy for the money. Let’s talk about why. There are many points to hit on that I have tested myself and they are as follows:


These are truly waterproof at surface pressures, meaning that if you drop it in a lake, stream or the like it will not get water inside of it. It has gasket material around the battery compartment and the battery “door” or access locks closed with a coin, multi tool or anything like that. When I first got this set I tried them out immediately holding them underwater in a sink while they were on and left them there for a while with no issues. I later threw them out of a boat in a lake and let them float to shore also with them on and have had no water issues yet. These have been in a lake, sinks and rain storms, both turned on and off.

They Float: 

Yeah, I mean it, they are meant to float if dropped into the drink and they actually do. As I said above they floated to the shore on a lake, how great! You don’t even really think about it until you try it. Remember the end of Jurassic World when they have the satellite phone? It’s waterproof with world range, great durability, good battery life but it doesn’t float. If it had then the Lost World survivors wouldn’t have had such a hard time with that Indominus Rex. They all nearly died and if that satellite phone had just floated it could have all been minimized and they could have escaped much faster. You never know what trouble you will get into.

Impact Resistant:

This is a key point for any device. Weather we are camping, boating, road tripping or just playing walkie talkie with the kids, you know things get beat up. What is the point of great radios if they don’t work after a fall? These ones will continue to work after a fall, drop, spill or bump. I would not throw this out of a tree or into the road, but drop it, sure. I’ve dropped these out of cars, off of a ladder and multiple times from about 3 feet. On a side note here is a phenomenally durable and unbeatable deal, not to be overlooked.

Long Range:

This is a great feature for road trips and shore to vessel use. You can hear for miles with some average obstructions like homes, trees, cars, water. We have gone 5 miles in hills and valleys with clear voice communications. Remember they are called 35 mile range, which they are on flat surfaces with no wind, no trees, no wires, no buildings, no anything. Most radio companies show a much higher range than most anyone will ever get. They list the best possible range ever on their products. These are great radios with great range.

NOAA Weather Radio:

Here is a huge plus for remote locations, road trips or people who have to be prepared for everything. The best way to know of impending tornado, hail, lightning and other inclement weather is the NOAA weather service. These <arel=”nofollow” href=”” target=”_blank”>Motorola MS350R Waterproof two way radios allow you to listen to NOAA radio constantly or they can be set to broadcast only when there is a weather situation imminent in your region. This feature is great because you can be talking to your group a mile away and then the radio will cut in if some bad weather is headed your way and you can easily switch right back to communication mode with the touch of a button to figure out what you should to do about the coming weather.

Multiple Channels:

There are tons of channels to use with this set, it would be extremely hard to get into a situation where you coould not talk on a free channel. Here’s a quick tech spec: 22 channel and 8 repeater channels with 121 privacy codes which allows 2662 combinations to give you great conversation privacy.


These are rechargeable on the base that is includes and they hold a charge for a couple of days. I have had them on for over two days of use, they will last less if being used a lot (as with any electronics). With regular communication throughout the day and leaving these on the whole time I would say a good solid 24 hour period is guaranteed. Another great feature is that you can use regular AA batteries in these if you do not have the electricity to charge the radio. This is great in emergencies, power outages remote locations and third world areas.


There is a touch button flashlight on each radio giving you a real help for those situations on the road or outdoors.

This set comes with a wall plug, charger base that holds both units and 2 easy to release belt/strap clips. For less than $100 anywhere you can have the best and only set of walkie talkies you will ever need. If you are still not convinced check out some of the competition below:

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