kak·or·rhaph·io·pho·bia kak-ə-ˌraf-ē-ə-ˈfō-bē-ə\

In modern times many people have an immense amount of pressure placed on them by others and even their self to get ahead, so much so in many cases that it blurs your vision allowing you to either make mistakes or even worse, break moral or legal codes in order to do so. That can be a very bad scenario, but if channeled properly can lead to absolute success if used in a way that makes certain to fill only obligations which are in good moral standing and are not over the line of the laws of your country.

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For example you buy stock in a company, you then see a news story stating it is going bankrupt, you immediately sell all of your shares to avoid a total loss. That is within legal and moral action. On the other hand you buy stock in a company when you know from a conversation with their CEO that they are about to buy a large company and also that he plans on filing for bankruptcy; after the merger for his own personal reasons (whatever they may be). You then decide to sell after the merger once the stock price has risen again and before this CEO alerts you of his bankruptcy filings. This is one scenario which totally breaks both legal and moral good standing and could get you into a heap of capital in the short term and without a dime and quite possibly in federal prison shortly after your scheme has dissolved.

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Now we could get into the different types of people in the category above with definitions of their habits and all of those interesting aspects of them, but for the purpose of this article we are specifically describing the characteristics of kakorrhaphiophobia. If you would like me to elaborate further on the above types of personalities and character traits send me an e-mail in the form on the right side of my page, leave me a comment or alert me by means of social media by clicking the button for your preferred social account at the top or bottom of this page.

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Now there are also other people on the complete other side of the spectrum and some (not all) of them will fall into a group with “kakorrhaphiophobia” simply put it is the fear of failure. Now this can be absolutely catastrophic to a person’s life in part or as a whole. Imagine this, you have just left the bank to pick up some of your paycheck, you know all of your bills are paid you have a good running vehicle, groceries in the kitchen at home, clothes in the closet and you have already paid for a vacation in a month.

Interestingly you see something unusual and rare on the side of the road, but only after you accidentally take a wrong turn. You see a newly painted car with a for sale sign and a phone number sitting in the parking lot of a good looking jewelry store. So you pull over and call the number and its disconnected. You go inside and talk to the girl behind the counter and she grabs the owner for you. Now you already checked over the car and you know it would probably fly if the price was around $10,ooo and the number had been correct. The owner comes to the front and tells you he is frustrated, it has just been sitting with no interest and he’d take $4000 to get it out of his hair. You decide to let it pass you buy even though you have $8000 sitting by the wayside and everything else in your life is already covered. Now tell me, are you kakorrhaphiophobic?

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I would have to say you aren’t, you are just avoiding what you see as potential risk to what you have already built up in your life. Sooo, how do we describe the character trait better? Lets try another type of person in another scenario. Now, you are at a job where you have been for four years and have moved to a better position within the company. You get a sudden offer from your boss to take over a position temporarily as the office manager, something you have wanted to do for a long time. You would oversee four hundred employees and the sky’s the limit. You have until tomorrow to decide, the next day rolls around and you turn down the job. Why, you have kakorrhaphiophobia.

Now you should have a better understanding of exactly what it means to have kakorrhaphiophobia. If you have any reason to believe you may have all or just some hints of this or a similar phobia you can contact slatetrends with any questions or discussion and we will cover them on this website along with our other resources around the web.

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