Two stocks you should grab a part of on – This is not stock news, it is investing in it’s simplest form

These days everyone needs and wants to make money, but what are we supposed to do with the money we already have? Well we spend it on tons of cool stuff like sunglasses, game systems and gold phones first, but don’t you like to keep some money “on the side” to use later on? I mean there is nothing better than turning your money into more by just making a few knowledgeable decisions. One way I have found to do just that is a website called Maybe you have stayed away from the stock market in the past because it is (and it really is) confusing, overwhelming and can be a burden if not approached correctly. This is where Loyal3 stepped into the game. They give you access to the stock market with no fees and you don’t even have to buy a whole stock. You can literally say “I have an extra $40 and I don’t want to spend it at the mall, I want to turn it into more money, my way where I’m in full control” and that can actually happen.

So now for the two I recommend, why and what you should do with them to prosper. To start, here is the easy one: Walt Disney, stock ticker DIS. Walt Disney has continued to grow its company through entertainment, merchandise and Theme parks continuously since it was founded on October 16, 1923. They don’t show any signs that they ever want to slow down, and I hate to say it but for Disney targeting children is a great way to get adults money into their company bank accounts. What you want to do with Walt Disney is pick out as much money as you can afford to let sit by the wayside and transfer it as a one-time buy to Walt Disney stock through loyal 3. Then just check up on DIS from time to time and pay attention to them in the news, your money will grow and if something ever happens to them simply go on loyal 3 and sell it all. I don’t see this happening anytime soon and by the time it did you would already have yourself a profit gained, so for all of those reasons, go DIS.

Second is one you may already know of as well, they are always in the news: Tesla Motors Inc., stock ticker TSLA. Tesla is a manufacturer of performance electric vehicles and battery technology that is all available to the consumer in many forms. The CEO of Tesla is a very ambitious man with the bank account to back it up. If you have ever thought about getting an ev car or electric truck, then you are probably already familiar with the brand in some depth. The plan for this stock is quite different from the one you should follow with Disney. With Tesla you are going to buy what you can afford with plans to sell shortly after the partial unveiling of the Tesla Model S at the end of March. With $1000 down payments for the Model S beginning March 31 in Tesla stores and online April 1, my bet for this stock is to buy what you can afford now and hold until you get uncomfortable, if ever. I presume this is a true winner and will be highly profitable if you get in and start owning Tesla now. As far as I can see this is a good one to get rid of before 2017 and chalk it up as a win. You can stay in much longer if you like, I am just trying to make you some money and I can’t see far into the future. This may be a great opportunity for a first time investor to make a little money and gain confidence to delve deeper into the stock market later on.

So to sum it all up, If you want to truly “invest” grab some Walt Disney stock (DIS) and hold on to it until you are older or pass it along to generations down the line. If you want to make some money more quickly buy some Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) stock and get rid of all or most of it before 2017. You can do any of this very easily using You can buy as little as $10 worth of any stock they offer to get your feet wet in investing and there are no fees. So do some math, figure out what you are willing to put aside and get into the excitement of investing in the stock market and profiting from your decisions. Last but most important, please do not use any amount of money that you can’t afford to lose. Just like in life, in the stock market there are no guarantees. #happyfuture